Medical Assistant Externship – Why Do I Need it?

Medical assistant (MA) students train to work in a variety of health care settings including clinics, hospitals and physician practices. Medical assistant training programs are available at New Age Training.  Our program provides students with the knowledge they need to develop the skills necessary to work successfully as a medical assistant. They include courses pertaining to […]

Will You Be Part of Our Hall of Fame?

At New Age Training, all of our students are special to us!  Although everyone is special, being an honoree of our Wall of Fame signifies that you have successfully completed your academic training and development, passed your certification examinations and secured employment, which will lead to your new career in healthcare. Our Wall of Fame […]

How to Write a Medical Assistant Resume

Want to make a good impression on your job application? You need a good resume to turn in. Resumes for medical assistants are a little bit different than those of other professions, just because employers look for specific certifications and job experiences. If you present yourself well in your resume, you can get any job […]

Saying Thank You Really Pays Off

Saying Thank You to Employers Really Pays Off: Sending thank you notes, emails or letters are a great way to be remembered. On my desk I keep several Thank You Cards from graduates and I am grateful to anyone who has provided assistance or kept contact with me over the years. I also keep a folder of letters and emails, so that from time to time I can follow up with those who took the time to show their appreciation. I have maintained an ongoing and long-lasting professional relationship with all of these graduates and continue to lend assistance, support and advice.

Resume Guidelines

Resume Guidelines: The Guide to a One Page Resume Free of Spelling and Grammatical Errors. Resume Checklist, Section Headings, Profile, Employment History

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