Saying Thank You Really Pays Off

August 11, 2018

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Is saying thank you really important and pays off? Is thank you to employers after an interview important?

Yes, it is. Sending thank you notes, emails or letters are a great way to be remembered. On my desk I keep several Thank You Cards from graduates and I am grateful to anyone who has provided assistance or kept contact with me over the years. I also keep a folder of letters and emails, so that from time to time I can follow up with those who took the time to show their appreciation. I have maintained an ongoing and long-lasting professional relationship with all of these graduates and continue to lend assistance, support and advice.

Why thank you to employers after an interview is important? Because some employers even may delay their hiring decision to see how and when candidates follow up. This act of appreciation speaks volumes by showing your interest and professionalism and it may also be the deciding factor to becoming employed or establishing a meaningful and long-lasting relationship.

For your professors, advisors and externship/internship supervisors, it will be a lasting impression that will make you stand out from the crowd. It always puts a smile on my face when someone takes the time and energy to say thank you with a card, letter or email, but thank you to employers after an interview is the most important step you need to do after your interview.

Saying thank you to employer after an interview is a proper procedure and it is a good practice to send a Thank You Letter to an employer after an interview expressing your gratitude, but you should also send one to your Professors, Advisors, Counselors and your Externship/Internship Supervisors as they took the time and consideration to work with you and give you the boost you need to further your career.

When you send thank you to employer after an interview, you are not only showing your appreciation and interest, but you are also reminding the employer about your qualifications as they may have interviewed several candidates and you need to stay fresh in their memory. This is also a great chance to state anything you may have forgotten to mention during the interview.

Emailing the thank you letter to employer after an interview is one great way to follow up and jog the interviewer’s memory, but sometimes it’s best to deliver it in person. No need to suit-up as you did for the interview, but do not dress down in jeans and sneakers. The most appropriate dress code when revisiting the employer is Business Casual.

With this I bid you the best of luck in your career and job search and of course, thank you once again.

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