Salary Expectations Question: How Should You Respond?

September 1, 2018

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Salary Expectations Question: How Should You Respond?

Salary expectations question could be a good sign during an interview. Suggesting an amount can give the employer the upper hand as they would then already begin making their decision. I believe a number should never be blurted out in your answer to salary expectations question. Never give a range or mention what you made in a previous position as there will be less of an opportunity to negotiate after the offer is made. Do not divulge what you are hoping for or what you think you should make.

This is the one occasion that I would advise to answer a question with a question. If you ask what they would offer after you received the Salary Expectations question, you can deflect most interviewers, but also you can try to get them to reveal what is budgeted for the position.

Salary would not be brought up unless they were somewhat interested, so let the interviewer know that you appreciate them for considering you and for allowing you to propose the rate of compensation. Try to ask yet another question or indicate that you would appreciate something competitive.

Read this article with more useful information about how you should answering salary expectations question.

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  1. Hi..
    I am a fresher and going for my first interview I was so confused on how to tell your salary expectations to the interview,as a fresher I don’t know how my to except thanks for your article it gave me amazing tips to discuss my salary.
    Thanks for posting..!!

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