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Theresa Hasson

Class materials: Were excellent. Comprehensive yet easy to read. 
 Course presentation:
 Lectures were interesting and Teachers were very helpful. Norman’s classes were hands on, and I must say he extended himself to give everyone individual attention. Questions were welcomed. 
 Testing the material learned: Class exercises and projects were focused to use and review class lectures. 
 I look forward to taking more classes at New Age Training.

Elizabeth Lowhar-Lewis

I wish to thank Mr. Andino & Staff for permitting me to participate in the computer class that ended on October,13th 2009. My deepest appreciation and thanks I wish to convey to the class teacher Ms. Pineda for her excellence in reaching all of the students. Her proficiency, patience, and demonstration gained the confidence of all the student. Ms. Pineda not only shared her skill, she thoroughly extended care to all, creating at atmosphere for us to achieve our goals in the future. A very special THANK YOU Ms. Pineda wishing you success in all your endeavors.

Nene Kamba

I want to thank everyone at New Age for all the outstanding help with my job search.I am now working at SOUND SHORE MEDICAL CENTER OF WESTCHESTER as a CNA.

Vickie Boyd Green

As a result of attending New Age Training I have had the opportunity to find a good job as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Also attending school there was a very pleasant experience. The teacher was very informative and fun to be taught by. Learning at New Age Training is a great way to further your education and become a better person. The staff was wonderful to work with. The sky’s the limit at New Age Training. Thank you.

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