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Been an international student from Antigua it was a difficult task for me to find a school that I can rely on for accuracy. After months of researching and overseas calls to numerous schools I knew that New Age Training was definitely where I wanted to be. After the first month of been in school I was selected to be an embassador which to this day I am most thankful and humbled to hold this title.

Mrs. Sivak laid a solid foundation for me along with Ms. Guyah as this field was totally new to my knowledge. To Dr. Ninel words cannot express my gratitude for the life lessons she has taught me….absolutely phenominal!!! To the Career Development team hands up to you guys…Mr. Sheppard thank you for such an interesting interview and I’ll always remember your remarks. Ms. Bonner you made my dream come true when you sent me to NYU for externship..the experience was overwhelming.

To the rest of the team you guys are doing an excellent job and I’ll forever be a proud advocate and will definitely recommend this school to anyone who is looking for superior and quality education


Carroll Charity-Wyre

Medical Assistant 2017 Graduate, 08/23/2017

I was skeptical in entering this school, but I do not regret it not one bit. The staff is helpful and professional. They found me an externship site quickly. Luckily enough for me, my site hired me right after. Ms. Guyah, Dr. Ninel and Mr. Thomas, all great instructors. They will drill the information in your head to make sure you understand what is being taught. Thank you Ms. Guyah in prepping me to the best phlebotomist my clinic has ever seen! Thank you all for guiding me in the right direction

Crystal Lopez

Medical Assistant 2017 Graduate, 06/14/2017

My experience at New Age Training was phenomenal. I am an international student from South Africa and was very nervous coming to NY and starting school, but the lecturers were very helpful and warm. The techniques taught at the school are done so perfectly, and I use each and everyone every single day. I am currently on my externship and I am the most grateful for everything I have been taught at the school. A big thank you to Dr Ninel for the long hours and excessive work she put in for us, without her I would not be here today, although she is very tough on us, at the end its so worth it!! As for the other lecturers, Mr Thomas, Ms Mina, Mr Santiago, Ms Sivak and Ms Gayah each have played a vital role in my education and im utterly thankful! For anyone looking to join this school, I would definitely say DO IT!!! You will not be making a mistake!! Thanks, a very happy international student :D!!!

Natasha Musikanth

Medical Assistant 2017 Student, 05/19/2017

Deciding to go to New Age Training has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The curriculum is well-rounded. The staff members here are warm, welcoming, helpful and caring. The faculty is OUTSTANDING! Coming into New Age, I was nervous and unsure of what I could accomplish being I’ve been out of school for so long, but Ms. Guyah saw my potential, pushed me to my limits and then raised the bar! I recommend this school to everyone interested in joining the medical field. The courses are intense but no matter what, I could always turn to one of the staff/faculty members who are always willing to help. Thank you Ms. Guyah and New Age Training for helping me to cultivate my new found passion for medicine. I am forever grateful.

Ebony Rice

Medical Assistant 2017 Student, 05/17/2017

Going to New Age Training was the best gift i ever gave my self.  The whole team is full of amazing people especially Mr Dominic Sheppard and Mr Andre Jackson.They  were at my side every time, even when i completed they dedicated their time and energy and never rested until i got my dream job. I don’t know how to thank them enough. I will recommend this school to everyone looking forward to climb the medical academic ladder and achieve success.

Korantema Akuffo

Medical Assistant 2015 Graduate, 04/29/2017

In my opinion this is a well run school. Teachers communicate with students tremendously which leaves students with ideas of what is going on in the day to day running of the school. There are amazing teachers who push and encourage you to perform to your best capabilities. The teachers also built great relationships with other others and the staff at the school and I’m very happy that I selected this school for the MA program.

Jia Chen

Medical Assistant 2016 Graduate, 12/28/2016

Doctor Ninel is a wonderful instructor. She is very thorough and makes sure her students understand the lessons taught. The faculty is great and always there to help. I was offered a job as a medical assistant on my 3rd week of externship. I thank My instructors and Mr.Sheppard for having faith in me. I hope the school starts teaching nursing courses soon

Jennie Pascual

Medical Assistant 2016 Graduate, 11/15/2016

It was a good experience to meet a great faculty, helpful and friendly staff and enjoy the training that has provided the knowledge and preparation for my certification exams and to work as a medical assistant. I recommend this school to any international students who would like to study here to become a medical assistant.

Safia Banu

Medical Assistant 2016 Graduate, 09/29/2016

New Age Training is the school to attend when chasing your dreams. They have prepared me for the unprepared. It is an institute full of motivated, knowledgeable, professional, ethical, strong and stern instructors. I took the majority of my courses with Instructor Dr. Ninel, and instructor who has inspired me to chase my dreams as a doctor. She has pushed me to know the required material and more; always keeping me on my tippy toes and steering me on the correct path. The Instructors at New Age Training are helpful and extremely supportive. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is seeking to further their medical career.

Edith Cairo

Medical Assistant 2016 Graduate, 07/15/2016

Coming across this institute was the best thing that could’ve happened in my life, I learned so much, things that I never thought I would learn. The staff is wonderful; there are amazing teachers willing to help when needed. Career services give their best to satisfy you, they work hard to get you the job and the position you deserve. Its awesome!

Aracelis Concepcion

Medical Assistant 2015 Graduate, 01/08/2016

Presently, I am a student at New Age Training. It was one of my best decisions ever made. I researched 5 medical school and found New Age Training to be strong in customer service and a professional school. My Admissions Counselor, Kerry E., was especially helpful and professional and was probably the deciding factor. I am now taking my finals and holding a 95% average. You see, I am dyslexic and have difficulties in comprehension, but New Age Training had me covered. My teacher, Nurse Z was able to work with my disability both verbal and mechanical. I have always struggled in school, but not anymore. I am a confident student who is graduating with a CNA/PCT degree. Many thanks to a great staff who are compassionate and understanding.

Patricia Andreotta

CNA 2015 Graduate, 12/10/2015

New Age Training provided me with the skills necessary to pursue my career choice. I was fully prepared to take all required state exams, and felt an overwhelming confidence once my schooling was done. Upon completion of my courses, I was immediately hired with the help of the Career Services staff. The faculty was amazing. My instructors were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and inspiring. From day one, I was treated with the utmost respect and that never changed. I am loving my career, loving my life, and I owe it all to New Age Training.

Omar McIntosh

Nurse Aide Advanced 2014 Graduate, 11/19/2015

New Age Training has been one of the best choices I made in pursuing my goals to work in the medical field. Not only are the instructors well educated, but they have the experience working in the medical field and have a great knowledge on the subject. The staff is pleasant and caring Ms. Guyah is one of the best instructors as she is willing to help out her students when needed. They have the best job placement staff after graduation .It was a pleasure working with Ms. Seales and Mr. Sheppard and with their help getting my first job working Bewell Medical at Nostrand Ave. was a dream job and a great learning experience. A lot of people have this misconception that you are going to make $20 hr from the start, but in my case I took the first job that came and once I had that 1st year of experience I was able to branch out with the help of the Career Services team to secure a job at Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospital. I highly advise anyone who is considering to pursue a career in the medical field to attend New Age Training.

Anton Peterkin

Medical Assistant 2014 Graduate, 09/015/2015

I attended New Age training and i must say that if i can do it all over again i would. My husband actually attended the program first. It went so well with him so i decided to attend as well. I was able to learn a lot and i am grateful for all the staff who encouraged me to keep going. Career services did a great job helping find a job. I highly recommend for anyone to go and give it a try.

Emely Carmona

Medical Assistant 2013 Graduate, 04/10/2015

I graduated at New Age Training 2013 as a medical assistant and I have to say it was a great school.They were very supportive and very caring and most important thing they was there to the step of the way for me and every other students. I recommend this school to anyone who’s interested in becoming a CNA or medical assistant. New Age, Thank you for all your help. You guys are great and I appreciate all that you have done for me. I am one step closer to success! Keep up the good job you guys!!

Nathanaelle Remy

Medical Assistant 2013 Graduate, 04/17/2015

I attended New Age Training from Summer 2013 to Spring of 2014 when I graduated as a Medical Assistant.
One of the reasons I chose New Age over other schools, was the fact that the courses were not long and even better the tuition was very affordable, but still very high quality education. I was hired by Mount Sinai Beth Israel not long after graduating. The career staff was amazing at obtaining and preparing me for the interview. When I went on my interview, I felt extremely confident, because I knew I had been properly trained.
The teachers at New Age are very friendly and professional. I have found that I do my job well because I was taught well. I feel confident in my skills because I was trained by very skilled professionals. I would recommend anyone looking to get a career as a Health Care Provider to attend New Age Training. It will be the best career move. I know it was for me.

Jeannette Bello

Medical Assistant 2014 Graduate, 04/03/2015

New Age training is a wonderful school! I completed the Medical Assistant program. The teachers and staff are truly devoted to helping there students. When i started in December 2013 I was scared but I quickly snapped out of it. Ms Guyah was my teacher for most of my classes, she helped me out tremendously. Everyone in New Age welcomed me. If you are a motivated person who wants to learn then New Age Training would be great for you. When it was time for me to start my exte rnship I worked with the career services department. I love them so much! Mr. Sheppard and Ms. Seals are amazing they prepared me for my externship in NYU. Which was so rewarding, the experience was incredible. I graduated and received my certificate in September 2014 and NYU hired me. I love New Age Training! I love my new job! And I love my salary! Thank you so much New Age you were all amazing (Ms.Mina, Ms. Bella, Ms. Guyah, Marcella, Rosa, Daniel, Ms. G, Mercy, Andre)

Stephanie Belen

Medical Assistant 2014 Graduate, 02/23/2015

New Age Training helped me advance my career in the health field. My professors were great and helped me through every step of the way. The best part was graduating with my certificate and knowing that I had Careers Services behind me. They are the best and are willing help you find the right job as long as you are willing to work hard.

Jennifer Rivera

Medical Assistant 2014 graduate, 03/31/2015

New Age Training is a very good school. When you need help, they will help you. I learned a lot. Teachers will explain everything. I would recommend to other people to come to this school.

Fiorella Guiza

Medical Assistant 2014 graduate, 07/11/2014

Ms. Ninel is the best teacher in the school. She has a great teaching method and she knows exactly what she is doing. She also has a great explanation method and treats her students all equally. I give to Ms. Ninel 5+. She is the best teacher I ever had. I will recommend her to anyone.

Janyl Fermin

Medical Assistant student, 04/04/2014

New Age, Thank you for all your help. You guys are great and I appreciate all that you have done for me. I am one step closer to success because of you. I am ready to go out there and be all that I can be.

Annie Polanco

Medical Assistant graduate, 03/13/2014

A am very happy that I chose New Age Training for Nurse Aide Advanced program to obtain PCT and CNA certifications. I passed NHA CPCT and CPT certifications from first attempt. My instructors Dr. Ninel and Ms. Knibbs motivated me to continue school and keep striving. Anyone who wants to succeed and wants a proper training should choose New Age Training school. It will be the best decision ever made.


Nurse Aide graduate 2014, 02/06/2014

My experience at New Age Training was good. I had the best instructor Dr. Ninel K. I learned a lot and I have passed all my three NHA exams with a good score. If they ever offer any other course I would come back and I will refer all my friends to this school. Thank you, Dr. Ninel K. and New Age Training.

Carol Torres

Nurse Aide Advanced student, 12/09/2013

I would like to take this time to let you know how hard working Mr. Andre Jackson, Career Advisor, was, and is, in helping me find employment; his efforts are to be applauded. He never gave up in his search to place me and I hope to be able to use Winston Staffing to open up new doors for myself. Through his constant emails and phone calls he has always made himself available to me which is no small task as he has others to consider; I’m sure he gave them his best as well. Mr. Jackson always wanted to be aware of how my interviews went and made sure to let me know how to better handle any scenario that came my way. He was very instrumental in helping me with my resume which highlighted me on paper and with his coaching he helped me bring out the best of myself with the face to face interviews. The school has really helped me to start in my search to enter the medical field. I feel very confident that I will be a shining example of how New Age Training has helped me in that endeavor. My thanks also to another Career Advisor – Ms. Carol Seals for her constant encouragement when she would see me or talk to me via telephone.

Anna Means

2013 MA Graduates, 04/03/2013

I enjoyed the Medical Assistant Program. The teachers and administrative staff were wonderful. My externship site was very convenient and I learned a lot from being there. I look forward to taking LPN classes at this school in the future.

Christina Haynes


I am really happy that I decided to come to New Age Training. It was a life changing experience and has given me such great opportunity. In school I learned a lot and have taken everything I learned with me. I really liked my teachers and I enjoyed the people and experience I had at my externship site. I recommend New Age Training school to others.

Jolene Ruiz

Medical Assistant graduate, 10/09/2012

I would like to thank the New Age Training because they trained me to become Medical Assistant and helped to get a job at Jacoby Hospital after I completed my externship at the hospital.

Richard Frimpong

Medical Assistant graduate September 2012, 09/12/2012

CNA program was amazing and New Age Training was very professional during my admissions process. The
teachers made learning fun. I learned a lot and will take it with me wherever I go. New Age Training gave me the opportunity to start my career in the medical field.

Yessenia Rivera

graduate from CNA, 03/05/2012

I was a student of New Age Training school and graduated from Medical Assistant program in December 2011. I want to give my thanks to the Career Services Department of New Age for helping me to obtain a job quickly. I am very happy.

Tanisha Velasquez

Medical Assistant Graduate, 02/07/2012

I want to thank New Age Training for helping me get to where I am now. Their teachers and staff in general are great. They will do everything in their power to make you successful, just work hard and you will get there.

Yoani Penalver

Medical Assistant Graduate, 12/20/2011

I just want to thank Career Department at New Age Training. I graduated from Nurse Aide Advanced program in October 2011 and they help me to get a job in 1 week after my graduation!. New Age Training really helped me to become as a CNA.

Isaac Bryant

CNA Graduate, 10/26/2011

I enjoyed my classes at New Age Training. Ms. Rezk is a phenomenal teacher!!! It was a very productive experience for me.

K. Rios

1199SEIU Union Member, 10/21/2011

I attended New Age Training school for Medical Assistant program. Overall my experience was very helpful in allowing me to broaden my knowledge in the health care field. My teachers were wonderful and made my classroom time fun and informational. New Age also sends their students on an externship which helped me get on office experience.

My-Asia Scott


I really enjoyed my Medical Assistant training program at New Age Training school and my experience at my externship site that the school arranged for me as a part of the program. I liked all instructors; they were hands-on, very knowledgeable. My special thanks to Ms. Pagan and Ms. Matia for telling me not to give-up and helping me to achieve my goals.

Juan Morino


I would like to express my gratitude to the Department of Career Services. They are wonderful people that would help you greatly in seeking for a job and anything else that you need. They would also welcome you with open arms even for the little things. Thank you!

Veronica Francisko


I want to thank Career Services Department for helping me get to that interview in 2009 at Buena Vida nursing home. I am presently still working there 15 months later. Thank You soooooo very very much.

Susan Washington


As a result of attending New Age Training I have had the opportunity to find a good job as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Also attending school there was a very pleasant experience. The teacher was very informative and fun to be taught by. Learning at New Age Training is a great way to further your education and become a better person. The staff was wonderful to work with. The sky’s the limit at New Age Training. Thank you.

Vickie Boyd Green

I want to thank everyone at New Age for all the outstanding help with my job search.I am now working at SOUND SHORE MEDICAL CENTER OF WESTCHESTER as a CNA.

Nene Kamba

I wish to thank Mr. Andino & Staff for permitting me to participate in the computer class that ended on October,13th 2009. My deepest appreciation and thanks I wish to convey to the class teacher Ms. Pineda for her excellence in reaching all of the students. Her proficiency, patience, and demonstration gained the confidence of all the student. Ms. Pineda not only shared her skill, she thoroughly extended care to all, creating at atmosphere for us to achieve our goals in the future. A very special THANK YOU Ms. Pineda wishing you success in all your endeavors.

Elizabeth Lowhar-Lewis

Class materials: Were excellent. Comprehensive yet easy to read. 
 Course presentation:
 Lectures were interesting and Teachers were very helpful. Norman’s classes were hands on, and I must say he extended himself to give everyone individual attention. Questions were welcomed. 
 Testing the material learned: Class exercises and projects were focused to use and review class lectures. 
 I look forward to taking more classes at New Age Training.

Theresa Hasson

I just signed a part-time consulting contract for two months to do Business Objects development. Your coursework and the contacts I made in class definitely did the tric

Andrew Gross

I wanted to let you know that I am working at Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, a smaller institutionally oriented broker dealer in midtown. It is an open ended contractual position where I am part of a group of IT Project Managers that will set policy, procedures and best practices for their department as well as manage their current and pending projects. I am finding the work and environment very exciting and rewarding. 
 More importantly, I wanted to extend my gratitude to all of you who have shown me support and assistance during my training at New Age Training. I found the lessons interesting and informative. Thank you!

Luis Cruz

I would like to thank New Age Training for the CNA training which I successfully completed and enable me to take and pass the CNA State examination. I am employed as a CNA with Urban Health Plan Medical Center.

Judy Franco

Upon my arrival at New Age Training, I believed that it was exactly what I was looking for. Then I met Dr. Ninel and she inspired me even more to gain this experience and press on further into the medical field. She was very tough on her students, but at the end, we are so grateful for the struggle of learning EKG, Phlebotomy, and Career Development with her. Without her, I wouldn’t have completed this program. Thank you Dr. Ninel for your kindness and strictness on teaching me.

Ashley Williams

Medical Assistant Student 2017, 04/12/2017

I can’t say enough about New Age Training. Welcoming front desk staff, the Admissions Advisor Natalie and Kerry nice people to work with, loved my instructor Dr. Ninel with her patience and strong personality; what to say about the Director of Career Services Dominic Sheppard, who always was open to help me through job placement, very attentive and great personality. New Age Training is the place to start a career in the health field.

Hipolito Javier

Medical Assistant 2016 Graduate, 10/27/2016

I want to start by saying it was a hard decision to make to go back to school after 13 years. But it was the best decision. I’ve never felt more comfortable being the new kid in class. All the students are so helpful, the teachers are hands on. Ms. GUYAH is amazing, she makes it so easy to understand. There was a couple of times I’ve questioned myself if I made the right choice. But at the end of the day I can say I’m glad I did it and I can’t wait till Graduation and the start of my new career.

Cindy Velez

Medical Assistant 2015 Graduate, 01/05/2016

Going to New Age was the best decision I have made. Not only was I fully equipped with the knowledge of a successful MA, but the career services department just blew me away. They consistently send you emails and links for potential positions until you find one that’s perfect for you. One day Mr. Sheppard sent me an email about an open house at Mount Sinai Beth Israel… I went to the open house and I have been employed with the hospital ever since! Great way to start your career!

Latanya Presiden

Medical Assistant 2014 Graduate, 12/14/2015

I love this place!!! New Age Training is different from the other schools. I did not feel like a number or a statistic. Everyone knew me. Career Services is great!!! Mr. Sheppard and Andre constantly motivated me until they placed me at FCNY where I am now a Certified Medical Assistant. I developed great relationships here and the teachers allowed me to assist in various clinical classes due to my experience and diligence. I am still in touch with my Admissions Counselor who follows up with me to ensure that I am happy and doing well. I recommend this school to anyone who is interested in a medical career.

Geri Lifshitz

CNA & PCT 2015 Graduate, 12/07/2015

This school is amazing, I took the Medical Assistant course and learned so much. Dr. Ninel is amazing wish I had her for all of my classes. She is dedicated to make sure you learn and makes sure you understand the material, she is a true professor. Also for carrier services, Mr. Sheppard is amazing. He helps you all the way makes sure you are moving forward and helps you to find a great path. Thanks to this school I was able to obtain a job at Mount Sinai Hospital and have better my life so much. THIS SCHOOL IT TRULY AMAZING!!!

Andrea Ibaran

Medical Assistant 2014 Graduate, 09/08/2015

I attended New Age Training because I wanted to better myself and further my career. I went for Advanced Nursing Assistant. The teachers and all the staff were all so nice and helpful. Their job placement was outstanding. They set me up with a great job with great benefits. I always tell people about new age and how it has helped me so much in my life to better myself and further my career. Attending New Age has been amazing experience and I would absolutely recommend them.

Erika Dees

Nurse Aide Advanced 2014 Graduate, 07/14/2015

Dr. Ninel is a wonderful instructor! I was so happy to have her beginning of my schooling to the very end. I feel confident and sure about my new career path in Clinical Medical Assisting. And the most helpful thing is that they give hands on assistance in getting you personal job placement! Couldn’t ask for a better train he school.

Emily Davis

Clinical Medical Assistant 2015 Graduate, 12/21/2015

I was sitting at home and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my career, so I went online to search for medical schools and came across New Age Training and I don’t regret giving it a try. It’s the best school that I have known of or heard about and will recommend to anyone interested in becoming a Medical Assistant. I got my certificate and 3 months after, Andre in Career Services found me a job through his contact at an agency and I’m still working and gaining invaluable experience thanks to my training at New Age Training and the Career Services staff.

Chantel Clarke

Medical Assistant 2013 Graduate, 04/03/2015

I had a wonderful experience when I was attending my CNA/Nurse Advanced program at New Age Training in NYC. I had the opportunity to have two wonderf
ul teachers in my PCT and CNA classes. They were exceptional teachers and gave 100% and more to make sure that we learned and understood what we were taught. I would highly recommend this school to any individual that is looking for a career in healthcare.

Linda Schioppo

Nurse Aide Advanced 2014 graduate, 07/18/2014

I made the decision to go to New Age Training school early 2013 and I still consider it one of the best decisions I ever made. When I first came in to register I was greeted kindly and was immediately able to speak with someone about starting my classes. At no point during my registration period did I feel pressured or like just another student. They took the time necessary to answer every question I had until I was 100% sure that this was what I wanted to do. Fast forward a few weeks, I’m in my class learning to do things that in the past, I’ve only been able to observe such as taking blood and performing EKG’s. The teachers at new age training have years of experience in their field so they are tremendously knowledgeable and always happy to provide extra help. In some schools, the classes are so full that it’s hard to get the individual attention that you might need but here at New Age Training, the class sizes are small enough that you may receive some one on one training while in class. After weeks of training and studying I was confident in my ability to pass my board exams and did. My next step was to find a job. New Age Training provides job placement assistance which is coordinated by an amazing team of advisors who work diligently to make sure that their students leave this whole experience with a place to work. The job market right now is not at its best so I really didn’t expect them to find placement for me very fast but they did and now thanks to them I’m working as a CNA in a very good hospital making great money. I recommend New Age Training school to anyone who wants to get a start in the healthcare field and a wonderful school experience.

Shameika Jones

Nurse Aide Advanced 2013 graduate, 04/14/2014

Evaluation for PCT instructor Ms. Ninel. Even though she is very strict, she is considerate, calm and respectful. Her reaching methods are accurate and knowledgeable I enjoyed the class, and she made the class interesting for me as a beginner. I have the biggest respect for her and would recommend her and her class to anyone. Five star to a great teacher!

Jessica Mejia


My thanks to New Age Training’s Career Department and especially to Andre Jackson for taking the time to help me to find employment. I enjoy working with Winston and St Luke’s hospital. The staff at St Luke’s is pleasant and great to work with. After a week I already got to work in different units in the hospital and learned a lot. I know Mr. Jackson works hard to help New Age Training graduates find opportunities. I would recommend the school to anyone interested in training. I appreciate all your help.

Victoria Camara

graduated from Nurse Aide Advanced in August 2013, 01/06/2014

3 reasons why I would recommend New Age Training are: Instructors are knowledgeable on each subject and will take the time out to help you; the staff is always available to answer any question or concern you may have; they all really do want you to reach your goals and get the best experience out of the time you spend there.

Tiffany Brantley

Medical Assistant graduate 2014, 02/27/2014

I got hired as a Tester at the location in Yonkers. It takes me a hour to get there not much different from the time it took me to get to my externship. I basically run EKG, bone density test, nerve test and draw blood on patients and other medical assistant duties. Thank you for your help I really appreciate it. I will try to make the best of it there and gain as much experience as I can they are also looking for more people. Thank you New Age Training!

Stephanie Mayers

MA graduate 2013, 06/14/2013

I am currently working at a nursing home in Port Chester, NY. I finished my clinical training and orientation last week and had my very first assignments this past weekend. It was HARD work and I was very nervous the first day but I got tough it! Yay! . I want to say thank you New Age Training for equipping me with the skills needed to become a CNA. You guys are awesome. I will definitely return later on this year for phlebotomy and EKG. Thanks again for all your help and especially to Ms. Esther for being the greatest teacher in the world. She’s amazing.

Marisol Concepcion

CNA graduate 2012, 10/22/2012

My name is Carla Heywood. I just graduated from New Age Training Program. My experience at New Age Training was a very courteous, professional and enjoyable one. Instructors are very knowledgeable and are willing to help you to succeed in your field of choice. Staff at New Age Training is very helpful and kind and they are always willing to listen to you. I am very happy with my experience at New Age Training with Medical Assistant Program. I was able to get a job as Medical Office Manager from my Internship. I am very grateful. I am now employed at a Private Pediatrics Office. My deepest thanks and appreciation to all of New Age Training staff. Very special thanks to all my classmates.

Carla Heywood

Medical Assistant graduate 2012, 10/09/2012

Jomarys Javier

Medical Assistant graduate, 10/09/2012

Luis A. Falcon

Nurse Aide Advanced graduate, 05/03/2012

Hello, my name is Joshua and I began my journey at New Age Training in March 2011. The school is surrounded by many intelligent and warm people. They helped me to succeed in my goals to make my life better. I graduated from Medical Assistant program and the school helped me to get a good job. I just want to thank everyone at the school and wish all students the best of luck.

Joshua Belliard

2011 Graduate, 02/24/2012

New Age Training school gives to students very good education. Teachers are well educated and they surround you with the knowledge and skills you need to learn and improve in areas such as EKG, Phlebotomy, Medical Assistant, CNA. When you finish your training here, you know that you have received the best education you could choose in a medical field.

Milda Johnson

Medical Assistant Graduate, 01/23/2012

I want to thank the dedicated staff and teachers at New Age Training for helping me complete my training for a new career. I especially want to thank our career advisor Mr Timothy Sewell for his prompt service in obtaining my first interview. You had more confidence in me than i had in myself. I thank you for that because it resulted in me getting the job on my first shot. Keep up the good work.

Claudine Murphy

Medical Assistant Graduate, 12/06/2011

I like New Age Training School. My personal experience was great! The facility is comfortable and makes you feel as your home. All employees are really nice and friendly. I will go to miss them all. It is absolutely a superior education at New Age with wonderful teachers and staff. New Age Training prepares each student to become professional medical assistant.

Manuela Marino

Medical Assistant Graduate 2011, 10/24/2011

I have been unemployed and wondering how I can improve myself. Union 1199 had a list of courses available. I choose Phlebotomy and EKG and was sent to New Age Training. Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised when I came for the orientation and found very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The instructor Ms. Rezk was excellent and very knowledgeable/ I feel ready to go and do the work for which I was trained for.

Abel Vazquez

1199SEIU Union Member, 10/21/2011

I am so happy with my school New Age Training. At first I was struggling with my studies and exams. I was anxious to graduate so that I can make money and support my family. Thanks to New Age Training for having such good instructors and for giving me the opportunity to take the C.N.A course at no cost. I am so grateful to this school for not only having good instructors but also for having more than one program to choose from. I do not regret putting my job on the side to further my education with this school. I have learned so much and I am so satisfied with instructors for taking their time explaining the subjects with patience. I will recommend this school to any one who is interested in the Medical field, you will feel the difference when you graduate and get a full time job from the career department at New Age. You will feel the difference when your mission is accomplished.Thank you!

Vivian Palacio


I have had the opportunity to use a few different students in my office. New Age Training Students receive a well rounded training experience, and are well prepared with the knowledge and skills to become successful Medical Assistants.

Allen Chiropractic

P.C. New York, 10/05/2011

I would like to really show my appreciation to Career Services Department. They helped me a lot with job search and placement. They did not give up on me until they helped me to find a job.

Ashly Larkins


I am very happy with Career Services Department at New Age Training, they are very professional and they found perfect position for me. I am very pleased and look forward towards my new career. Thank you very much for all of your help and guidance to help me complete my course at New Age Training.

Marina Belaya


Amanda Greely

Claire Bush

Director, Futures in Information Technology

I have taken technology courses at all of the university continuing education programs throughout New York City, and New Age Training was the best training facility that I have attended. All of the classrooms are equipped with work stations that allow students to get individual hands-on experience and training. The instructors were all technical experts and developed their presentations to meet the varying technical skills of the class participants. The class outlines, presentations, hand-outs and hands- on class exercises were excellent, and the instructors were always available after class to answer questions. The Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing course that I took was organized, informative and challenging. 
 At the end of the course, I left feeling that I had substantially increased my technical skills, which ultimately resulted in my success in finding a new job. 
 Thank you New Age!

Elissa Nemerofsky

I’d like to thank you and your staff at for all of the assistance you provided to me. Without your help, I might not have succeeded in securing this position, particularly in this economic time. Thank you again. Great work. Keep it up!

Karen Wharton

I graduated from New Age Training in June 2001 as ORACLE DBA. At the same time I worked as a mainframe programmer. Now I am an ORACLE developer in the same company. I am very happy! Thank you!

Tova Yagudayeva

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