After graduating from NYU as a psychology major, I knew I wanted to transition into the nursing field. I enrolled in the New Age training program for CNA’s, and I could have not been more sure this was the right path for me. Through the supportive staff, and academically challenging environment, my expectations were beyond exceeded. My CNA instructor, Ms. Z, was truly the most dedicated teacher I have ever worked with. She would put in extra time to ensure her students a passing grade on the state board exams. Her dedication as a nurse and teacher truly inspired all of us to work hard. She listened to everyone’s conflicts, and did her best to make sure we all succeeded. What I respected most about Ms. Z was how realistic she was with her expectations with each student. She never generalized, and always pushed each of her students in a way that can challenge them as an individual, while also being realistic with the goals. Another staff member I have truly admired (and has helped me get a job at Mt. Sinai St. Luke’s) is Mr. Jackson in the career services department. It has been 6 months since I graduated New Age, and Mr. Jackson and I have still remained in contact. Any time there is a job availability that he knows I would be interested in, he would immediately call me. To this day, Mr. Jackson has worked extremely hard to make sure the CNA students with a license have a job. Any time I would call or email him, I would get an immediate response – something I did not expect after graduating, but I cannot be more thankful for all the help and time he has put in for me.

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